Recruit Hire


What is Recruit Hire?

It is Recruiting Simplified…..

Recruit Hire is a tool that returns recruitment and vendor management control back to the employer and at the same time ensure that the overall total cost of ownership is lowered.

We want to provide a platform that allows access to potentially all available resources and that means providing a platform that recruiters large and small would want to use.

Recruit hire is a vendor management tool with no set up fees or membership costs. It was built by a team of recruiters with more than 40 years of industry experience and who partnered with employers and asked them to help us design a vendor management tool to streamline their recruiting efforts.

We build a simple, robust and yet easy to use recruitment platform that even has a split network whereby recruiters can post and seek assistance from their fellow professionals for help to secure candidates!

We believe that we are providing the next generation recruiting for employers through a global network of proven recruiters and their top job candidates. This highly efficient online recruitment management system will allow employers to greatly streamline and accelerate the placement process, saving time and money.

We continually seek employers and recruiters to join us in this vision to improve and make this the everyday tool for recruitment because it works, it’s simple and it lower cost of recruitment and yet benefit the recruiters more.

Recruit Hire Advantage

  • User-Friendly
  • Global Users
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
  • No Fixed Cost
  • Multi User
  • No Software Needed
  • Transparent yet Private
  • Industry Independent