Contract Position FAQ

Q: Is there any cost to me?

A: No. Your costs will include travel to and from the Client, parking (if free parking is not provided) and the normal business expenses of your business.

Q: How will I know if I have been selected for the job?

A: The Client will screen the resumes for those that meet their requirements in terms of skills and experience. The first candidate that meets the requirements successfully and completes the technical interview successfully is usually hired.

Q: Can I send now the information I have available, and the rest at a later date? Can I send a partial or incomplete reply?

A: We can only process your application if it is complete, precise and unequivocal. All others are discarded. We are unable to contact you, to request you complete your application.

Q: What is the length of the Contract?

A: You are being retained for the duration of the initial project. If there are extensions to same or new projects come along where you and the Client agree to have you help complete, the new termination day will be the completion of those extensions or new projects, as agreed upon by you and Client. You are expected to, and you agree, not to abandon a project midway. You are not expected to work exclusively for our Client, but you will not be able to take on other projects with other clients of yours if they interfere with the dedication, time and effort required for your completion of the project/s you accept to perform for our Client.

Q: How long will I stay on the job (if selected)?

A: The tentative term to which you are committed is the number of months indicated in the SOW. After that, if there is an extension (this is normally the case, but no promises are made in this regard), you can choose whether or not to stay on longer.

Q: Will I be paid as an employee or as a contractor?

A: If chosen by our Client, you will provide your professional services to our Client as neither an Independent Contractor, nor an Employee of the Client. You may choose to work on corp to corp, 1099 or W2 basis with Accel. Both, we and our Client will pay strictly for hours worked.

Q: Am I paid relocation expenses?

A: No. You are paid strictly by the hour, at the agreed upon rate. No additional payments will be made to you for any concept including ‘per diem’, etc.

Q: Does Accel provide health insurance for contractors?

A: Yes, you can purchase health insurance from us at a lower price. We have health insurance plans available. Please ask one of our recruiters to email these plans for your review.

Q: Will I be contacted by you?

A: If your credentials and experience substantially meet all the requirements, you provide the information requested, fully and clearly, and your professional fee is in line with the budget for the project, we will call you within minutes of receiving your resume and answers to the questions in the application form. After we screen you, we will submit your resume to the Client who will then make a short list of preselected contractors. Otherwise you will not be contacted.

Q: Can you give me more information about this project, a ‘rate-range’, etc.?

A: At this point you know as much as we do regarding this opportunity. We believe and practice full disclosure; nothing is kept confidential from either you or the Client. There are no ‘rate-ranges’, only what you consider you can ‘live-with’, what your experience tells you is reasonable for the market conditions and what you believe is competitive enough to land you this project.

Q: Will I be able to ‘negotiate’ my rate?

A: No. We consider your rate request as final; we will not try to “negotiate you down” as we respect you as a professional and would not want you to take on a project for less than what you feel comfortable with. The Client does not give us the opportunity to bargain a rate as we are competing with other agencies

Q: If I don’t have the skills and experience described in the SOW, can I still apply?

A: If you make the ‘short list’ you will participate in a technical interview where your skills and experience will be reviewed. If you don’t possess the appropriate skills and experience you will not be hired.

Q: Do you deal with intermediaries, other agencies, corp-to-corp arrangements?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I telecommute; work from home full or part-time?

A: No, the Client needs you to work at their facility. If later on the Client allows you some or all the work remotely, is up to the two of you.

Q: Is there overtime pay?

A: You will get paid a flat hourly rate for every hour you work. All your working hours will be ‘billable hours’ as long as it is work requested by the Client and authorized by the Client with their signature on our timesheet, which you need to submit to us together with your invoice on weekly basis, to get paid on time.

Q: I have replied before to Accel Inc. for a different position, should I reply again?

A: Yes. Even if the required skill-sets and experience are similar, the SOW is different and we need to know that you are confident that you possess the skills and experience required, and that you would like to do this particular work.

Q: What if I am just looking around, ‘testing the waters’, but not certain that I will take the job if offered?

A: You should definitely not respond at this time. This will ensure that you will be considered by us when you decide at a later date to commit yourself to finding another job.

Q: Do you consider H1B visa holders?

A: Yes, we do consider H1B visa holders for most of our contract positions.

Q: Do you work on W2 for contract positions?

A: Yes

Q: Can I quote a rate-range, a rate plus relocating expenses, a rate plus benefits, a rate to start negotiating and agree upon later, etc.?

A: No, we can only consider your resume if you provide one, clear, all inclusive hourly rate under corp to corp, 1099 or W2.